Tourism consultancy

  • Creation of a tourist resource inventory in the Canary Islands, focusing on different segments and niche products considered a priority in the Tourism Marketing Plan for the Canary Islands
  • Collection, coding, recording and refinement of the data from the "expenses and customer satisfaction survey of the users of Canarian golf courses"
  • Study of the family tourist sector in Gran Canaria and a plan to boost this segment
  • Drawing up a report on the best practices and a comparative analysis of attraction, retention and recovery programmes of mature tourist destination
  • Supply Management Analysis for I.F.A Hoteles in the Canary Islands
  • Development of Economic and Tourist Plan withtin the General Ordinance Plan for the Municipality of Mogán
  • Technical support for the Strengthening of the National Statistics and Research System for the Tourist Market in Nicaragua, run by the Nicaraguan Tourist Institute
  • Planning, documentation, design, development and implementation of an Integrated Tourist Data Management System for the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) for the Ministry of Tourism of Belize
  • Tourist sales efforts, focusing on the European market, for Cape Verde
  • Operation of tourist resources training plan for the General Office for the professional training of the Ministry of Employment of Costa Rica
  • Analysis and action plan for Xingao´s (China) tourist product as a way to drive social and economic development